Creso Pharma Switzerland


Creso Switzerland markets its hemp based food, feed supplements and topical products in Switzerland, EU, Eastern Europe, Latin America and APAC.

Creso Pharma Switzerland has a very experienced, international team stemming from the pharmaceutical industry in animal and human health.

The team has set itself the goal of using the most modern science and research in the fields of cannabis and hemp in order to be able to offer innovative products to improve the life of animals and humans.

The products are certified Swiss-made, and produced in GMP-certified facilities (whenever required). All the plants used are EU certified and are grown compliant with GAP.

Creso Pharma Switzerland/International product range includes:

cannaQIX® products focus on supporting and optimising human health through hemp oil based supplements enriched with vitamins and minerals in a unique lozenge delivery system.


anibidiol® products focus on improving animal health and well-being through hemp oil based animal feed supplements.


cannaDOL® which is a CBD Isolate and essential oils based functional topical to warm up and relax muscles and joints.

Creso_Cannadol_Packaging_und_Tube_RZ - Kopie